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Fashion Buying Course- The Way to Become a Fashion Buyer

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Become a Fashion Buyer within 12 Months with a Fast Track Fashion Buying Course

Fashion buying is one of the most competitive professions in the fashion industry (if not the most competitive). Buyers have to know everything about the fashion industry and, in a way, be able to predict the future. Buyers have to be able to identify the current fashion trends and have expert knowledge on what a target market would like to buy. Fashion buyers must have the ability to forecast trends by analyzing street style, foreign markets and luxury collections and they must appropriately allocate budgets in order to stock the precise amount of inventory to meet demand.

Become a Fashion Buyer Course with La Mode CollegeFashion Buyer

The job of a Fashion Buyer is as equally glamorous as it is demanding. Buyers get to travel the world and “shop” for a living, but at the same time they have to be dedicated to a rigorous schedule of constantly keeping up with an ever-changing market. This requires a special skill set that involves understanding retail math and budgeting, trend forecasting, industry jargon, store management, marketing and promotion.


With La Mode’s fast-track twelve-month online Fashion Buying course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a buyer in record time. Instead of taking a few courses in each category each semester, meeting in class a few times a week, La Mode allows you to get an in-depth training at an accelerated pace, wasting zero time and costing you a mere fraction of what you would pay for a program at University. For more information about La Mode’s “Fashion Buyer & How to Open you Own Boutique” on-line program, click here.

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