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Fashion Buyer Roles and Responsibilities

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Fashion Buyer Roles and Responsibilities- The Things You Should Know About Becoming a Fashion Buyer

Catwalk collections, haute couture, mass merchandising, international markets, consumer behavior, global trade, retail mathematics, mark up percentages, trend forecasting, street style, fashion intelligence, inventory allotment, market segmentation, pricing, trend forecasting, promotion, publicity, fashion weeks, SWOT analysis – these concepts only skim the surface of the exorbitant pool of knowledge that is required of a successful and competent Fashion Buyer. If you are the kind of person who has an insatiable thirst for fashion knowledge, excels at multitasking, is constantly on the go, loves to travel, has extremely high self-motivation, always has an eye on the latest fashions, has expert bargaining skills, is great with people, and is truly interested in consumer buying habits then being a Fashion Buyer just might be the perfect fit for you.

Fashion Buyer Role and Responsibility

Fashion Buying is one of the toughest, most demanding and most competitive careers in the fashion industry, but it is also one of the most glamorous. Buyers gain entry into the most prestigious parties, tradeshows, markets, and fashion shows in the world, where they get to mingle with the upper echelon of the fashion industry. A Fashion Buyer’s decisions can make or break a designer and even start or end a fashion trend. Add that to getting to shop with someone else’s money for a living, travelling around the world on the company’s dime, and a salary upwards of $130,000, you can see why the position is so highly sought after.

Fashion buyer roles

Creating a curriculum for everything a Fashion Buyer needs to know is incredibly difficult. The fashion world is ever changing, so a buyer’s acquisition of knowledge is in a constant state of expansion, requiring them to constantly keep up with fashion intelligence on their own time. The best way to prepare for a Fashion Buying role is to learn it from someone who has real life, successful experience in the position.

With La Mode’s Fashion Buying Course online, you get just that. La Mode will give you the skills you need to be successful in your journey towards becoming a successful Fashion Buyer. You will learn how to read and analyze markets, keep an eye on the changes in consumer buying habits, identify particular designers by their specific look, forecast trends, manage your retail business and budget, and so much more. The road to success in the Fashion Buying career is long and arduous, but with some basic background information, terminology and fashion buying principles in your repertoire from La Mode’s Fashion Buying Course, you will be more than adequately equipped to start your journey towards success.

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