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Fashion Buyer Course Melbourne- Get Qualified Today with Our Fast Track Course!

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Have you always dreamt of becoming a Fashion Buyer? Do you have an eye for fashion and predicting the latest trends?  Are you a fashion stylist at heart?

If you are a Fashionista in Melbourne- this course is for you. If you would like to expand your career path in the Fashion Industry and work your way up to being a head buyer of your favourite fashion label, boutique or retail cain store- La Mode College’s Fast Track Professional Fashion Buying Course will give you the qualifications and skills you need to land your dream job!

Even if you would like to start your own fashion boutique or online fashion store- this Professional Fashion Buyer Course  also has a business segment directly focused on giving students the know how and training they need to successfully start their own fashion business.

Fashion buyer course melbourne

Professional Fashion Buyer Course – Overview

In our course you will learn:

  • Retail Buying: what a fashion buyer does
  • Buyers Roles and responsibilities
  • The Buying Office structure
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Travel
  • How to have an eye for fashion
  • How to choose winning styles
  • How to manage your budgets
  • How to manage categories
  • Being a successful Buyer: Key Performance Indicators
  • Financial reviews
  • Marketing/promotions
  • How to start your own Fashion Boutique
  • Managing a online fashion store
  • Using Pinterest and Instagram to promote and sell Fashion and Accessories
  • Global Shopping Hot spots!
  • How to get a job in the industry
  • How to build your portfolio for a job interview

La Mode’s course in Fashion Buying will cover all aspects and competencies that are required to be a fashion buyer, and teach you the jargon / terminologies that are used in the industry. This course material will also highlight the career steps to take to land a buyers position.

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Are There Fashion Buyer  Jobs in Melbourne?

Melbourne is Australia’s Fashion capital, and there are so many creative fashion boutiques and fashion brands! Becoming a Fashion buyer for these brands and stores will allow you to select the stock they carry, attend Fashion week, attend fashion showings, and select the latest trends.

Becoming a Fashion buyer is a rewarding career, and Melbourne has the most opportunities for Fashion Buyer’s then any other city in Australia.

Many of Australia’s top retail chain store- head quarters are based in Melbourne. Buying offices are generally based at Head Quarters also.

The online fashion stores are also rapidly expanding, and we are finding more and more fashion buyer jobs advertised for online stores.  So, your fashion buyer course could take you to getting a job as a fashion buyer for a top online fashion store.  ( or- you could even start your own fashion store online.)

Fashion buyer roles

How Much Do Fashion Buyers Get Paid?

Typically fashion buyers are well paid- one of the highest salaries in the Fashion Industry- due to the fact that you are responsible for large budgets- and selecting the best stock for your store- that will hopefully sell out and make the store money.

Essentially as a fashion buyer you are a business manager. Your job is to know your target market extremely well, and know what your customer wants to buy, and how much they are willing to spend on that item.  You then need to source the items/ brands that your customer wants, and buy the right quantity.

The amount your salary is as a fashion buyer depends on how many stores you are buying stock for, and the budget you are responsible for.

A buyer for a large department store like Myer or David Jones- would have a much higher salary then a buyer for your local boutique that just has one store.

Typical Fashion Buyer Salary Examples For Australia

Junior Fashion Buyer/ Fashion Buyers Assistant: $40,000-$60,000

Fashion Buyer: $ 60,000 – $120,000

Senior Fashion Buyer/ Manager: $120,000 – $200,000

Note: just remember- the amount of stores you buy for, how many categories you buy for, and your budget responsibility will reflect the salary. The more responsibility you have , the higher you get paid.

Fashion Buying Course Student Testimonials

How to Become a Qualified Fashion Buyer

There are a few different courses that you can take to start a career in fashion, however a lot of the normal fashion courses or business courses do tend to be quite generic, and not specific to fashion buying.  Some of the Diploma’s offered by Fashion TAFE and uni’s  only cover one subject in fashion buying.

La Mode College’s course in Professional Fashion Buying is specific to Fashion Buying, and specialised in giving you the latest industry terminolgy and training to help booster your fashion career and job prospects as a Fashion Buyer.

Our Fast Track course is designed to get you into the industry FAST-  and into the job role as a Fashion Buyer as quickly as possible.

Our training materials have been written by a Professional Fashion Buyer working in the industry- to give you the most up to date processes and education so you can nail a job interview!

If It Has Been Your Dream to Become a Fashion Buyer, or Start Your Own Fashion Boutique or Online Store- Enquire Below!




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