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Start Your own fashion Line Business Mentoring Program

“Certificate of Fashion Business”

Includes How to Start Your Own Fashion Line- Revealing the Business and Marketing Secrets to Fashion Success!

start your own fashion line
Course Name:                  Certificate of Fashion Business

Course Cost:                    USD $997

Course Duration:             Online: Up to 12 months

Course Delivery:              Online

                                           E-classes, video tutorials 

                                           Downloadable templates & Contact Lists

                                           Business Advice and Support 

Learning Outcome:          Successfully Launch Your Own Fashion Line

Start Your Own Fashion line Mentoring Program

Step – by -Step Tutorials!

Certificate of Fashion Business Includes  Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Make Money From Your Fashion Designs!! 

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If You Have Ever Dreamed of Starting Your Own Fashion Line- Let Us Help You Make It a Reality!

The Certificate of Fashion Business- Course Program is specifically designed to help you successfully launch your own line of clothing or accessories.

Step by Step instructions will be given taking you through the process of building your own fashion brand, getting your designs made with a manufacturer, and then selling your designs to potential store owners, buyers and retail chains.

There are various manufacturing and supplier Eclasses, helping you source the right fabric suppliers, and find the right manufacturers.  You will also receive templates for tech packs, quality control checklists, supplier contracts, and order forms.

The course also covers how to get your label to an international presence, get your website up and running, and create your own online store to sell your designs.

There are various marketing E-classes designed to help you market your label and sell your designs. Resources include PR contact lists, Press Release Templates, Marketing plan templates, social media training, and  advice on how to build a large global following of your brand- both online and offline.

If you are struggling with Illustrating or communicating you designs, we provide you fashion illustration figure templates- to help you quickly and easily professional draw your designs.

We also provide Adobe Illustrator Eclasses to help you develop your tech packs.

Individual advice and guidance is given during this program tailored to your requirements.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • Students who intend to start their own fashion line in the next 12 months
  • Students who have already started their own line and want professional advice and mentoring on making it successful
  • Students wanting to get a qualification in Fashion Business.
start your own fashion line

Course Overview

how to start your own fashion line
Step-by-step instructions on How to Successfully Start Your Own Fashion Label– and make a career from it

How to Cost Your Designs For Profit

How You Can Start to Live Your Dream- TODAY– even if you are still studying or working Full time! 

How to Overcome Fear  so you can get started- and do what you love!

Step-by-Step instructions on How to Get into the Fashion Industry– even if you have never Studied Fashion before, or worked in the industry

Start up Funding Fashion Designer
How to Start When You Have No Money

How to Register your own Business Name and Start Your Own Fashion Label- for less than $150!!


Business Plan Template– to help you plan your Fashion Label’s Success


How to Setup Your Own Online Store- for less than $100- To sell Your Designs!
manufacturing contact lists fashion designer
Contact Lists of  Clothing manufacturers and Suppliers- that you can use to get your designs made, and manufactured.
Local Manufacturers and Pattern Makers  who can make your samples. ( so you don’t have to sew them yourself…)
How to source high-quality Overseas Manufacturers to make your Designs- For the Best Price
How to Overcome difficulties in Manufacture and dealing with overseas Suppliers
How to get Perfect Samples made of your Collection
A list of 10 Wholesale Fabric Suppliers so that you can design with the best fabrics that don’t cost the earth!
Custom Fabric Printers– so that you can custom make your own Fabric!! (and make your designs stand out from the crowd and get noticed!!)

How to deal with Customs Agents, Importing and Exporting your Designs

marketing secrets to starting own fashion line
Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Designs–  Top Marketing Ideas to market your fashion label that cost next to nothing to do
 How to get your designs stocked in a Retail Store or Boutique 
Top Tips on How to Present  your designs to a Retail Buyer
Press Release Template- for getting free press on your New Fashion Label
Media Contact List- The contact Email Addresses of some of the Best International Fashion Magazines and Media Publications. 
How to get Your Designs Featured in a Fashion magazine or Fashion Blog
Social Media Training- for get massive Exposure on Social Media – Using Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google Plus 

Pinterest and Instagram SALES- hot to sell your designs using Pinterest and Instagram!

Fashion Spec Templates in Illustrator!!!  Download these templates on to your computer to save hours of time drawing your designs!! (Cheats way!)
Fashion Illustration Templates  to help you illustrate your Designs Professionally (even if you cant draw!)
Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials showing you how to easily draw your designs in Illustrator
Tech Pack Templates to help you send your design details to a manufacturer
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This Is The Must Know Business Program For Fashion Startups!

Don’t Waste Anymore Time!

Signup and Get the Help You Need To Become Successful!

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start your own fashion line
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Start Your Own Fashion LIne Online
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Start Your Own fashion Line
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